You must try it when you visit Abashiri! Excellent Gelato using Ibaragani Crab, a specialty of Abashiri!

In Abashiri City, Hokkaido, facing the Sea of Okhotsk, we discovered a shocking gelato made from a local marine product. The product is the Ibaragani crab. Crab in gelato? Many people may be surprised, but the taste is truly exquisite! It is a must-try when you visit Abashiri City.


Gelateria Rimo, a specialty gelato store in Run City

Gelateria Rimo is a place where you can enjoy authentic gelato made by artisans trained in Italy using the exact same facilities as in Italy. The chef has participated in the largest international competition in Italy and has won the competition twice.

The gelato served at Rimo is made from Abashiri milk, which is freshly squeezed at a local farm. Among the many flavors available, “Ibara” is the most eye-catching. It is a gelato made from Ibara crab.

Chef’s desire to use local products

Ibaragani is a member of the red king crab family and has spines (ibara) all over its body, giving it a rugged appearance. In Abashiri, there are only a few fishing boats that catch this crab, and it is said to be a “phantom crab” that is difficult to obtain. It tastes as good as king crab and is characterized by its strong sweetness.

Why did they decide to use Ibaragi crab for gelato?

When we talked to the waiter, he told us that the chef wanted to make gelato using a local specialty. After much trial and error, this gelato is still a popular menu item loved by many people.

Ibara, an unexperienced gelato that is completed in the mouth

Roasted Ibarra crab shells (legs) are used in the gelato. The transition from the rich pistachio flavor to the savory crab flavor is like a new type of gelato that is “finished in the mouth”.

When you try it, you can taste the pistachio-based flavor with the flavor of the Ibarra crab. The gelato itself is rich, creamy, and quite delicious. It is a must-try when you visit Abashiri.

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